The French first lady does not attend the first 64 session of the cannes film festival

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The French first lady does not attend the first 64 session of the cannes film festival

Post by babycanread123 on Wed May 11, 2011 5:38 am

By woody Allen, the French first lady Carla Bruni in a "midnight Paris" will serve as the opening of videos for 64 cannes film festival begins. Carla Bruni 10, she announced for "personal reasons" would not attend the first 64 session of the cannes film festival.
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Carla Bruni 10 accept French RTL TV interview: "I very want to cannes, but very regret, because individuals and working reason, I can't attend the cannes film festival."
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Carla Bruni says: "I regret very much that in the film, although I played the role of a very light weight, but I had hoped to see the whole crew in cannes, see the actor, saw filmed with woody Allen director. Moreover, the cannes film festival is a very grand festival, is a French's incomparable window display."Boston Legal dvd

In recent weeks, France many media reports Carla Bruni pregnancy Carla Bruni oneself to pregnancy rumours fudged, already not sure, didn't also denied.

It is reported, by French director, Patrick vieira grid karzai directed duran heat of French President nicolas sarkozy, ChuanJiPian "conquer" is also nominated for the cannes film festival, and a non-competition unit would be held on May 18 in cannes premiere.
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Mainly introduces film April 2002 and during the May 2007, Mr Sarkozy experience. Film has described the two political career to sarkozy have a major impact on character: his ex-wife Cecilia and former French prime minister Mr DE villepin. But look, from the time limits, the movie will not involving his current wife Carla Bruni story.
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When asked about the film "the conquest of opinion, Carla Bruni says," I'm looking forward to the film, and will look, but also a little worried, because you do not know whether the film criticism sarkozy. Anyway, I am very curious. After all the film shooting and screenplays good."
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Article 64 annual cannes international film festival is scheduled for May 11, 22, was held in cannes, France.


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