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The new gear American play crazy copy British hot drama Empty The new gear American play crazy copy British hot drama

Post by babycanread123 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:21 pm

January 2011, new beauty of half held at least six movies play, in addition to the joy and the original chorus ", "big bang" continue to live, and shopping viewing and the seaside empire ", "black" screen rookie competition, so they are much-anticipated. But, surprisingly, the beauty of the spring files for the TVB drama unexpectedly worship fortress "with" judges, for this, malicious copy work, surprising hot English drama.true blood dvd
In addition, our small make up think this batch of new play "Chinese translation a little soil", so try for they renaming for entertainment.
LinXi: reporter wrote
January screen
"Unscrupulous person"
Premiere date: January 9th
Starring: William ? H ? Lionel messi
Small make up renamed: the tea pot family "
Story idea: social economic depression, a worker home therefore deduce a out of joys and sorrows.there story. Home drunk dad and mom often without spectrum, the eldest daughter, mix a rebellious plus five other tough kid every day make snowed under (such as upper right insets).
Future prediction: namesake was adapted from the play, is currently in the Internet boom has hit Britain's original edition of a fifth season! And the same roughly follows the best story mode, using old star William ? messi ? H as the drunk dad. In addition, the "by making emergency room story" and "White House stormriders ? Wells of John the blood cop" creator in hand as a producer. Paul ? Albert
Although the original classics, but differences between British and American culture, after all, so a script "localization" adaptation is directly affect the quality of the play an important factor. But small make up for the play has been a more port to the name "tea pot (harmonics trouble, trouble) family".
"I generally"Grey's Anatomy on dvd
Premiere date: January 17
Starring: Sam ? witter walter
Small make up renamed: "who are not people"
Story idea: Wolf, vampire and a female the ghost, the three supernatural creature to coexist one room? The answer is lively funny. The vampire michelle tired of their bloodthirsty career decided to life, he and werewolves George rented a house together, also once suspected is gay. However, they also unexpected is room unexpectedly and a female the ghost... So, three non-human roommate formed "oversoul triangle", started and peaceful coexistence around the human life.Sons of Anarchy on dvd
Future prediction: theme episodes are usually eschews GuiPian is pure GuiPian ", "" werewolves werewolves piece" pieces, like "I generally" so "mix queue" alien show really little, attract eyeball is also not surprising. This drama also adapted from the name show. The third protagonist admiralty characters, and stories are quite interesting, best can continue, the inevitable if big sell.
The drama of lifeSons of Anarchy season dvd
Aired January 9 days:
Starring: matt ? lebron
Small make up renamed: "little writers big love"
Story idea: story about a British couple also comedy by Hollywood producers, invitation to make U.S. version comedy American. And when they came to the United States after cheerfully, found that their baby show will be forced to make major changes, even their are replaced by matt starring ? lebron, even their marriage will therefore is tested.Hayao Miyazaki Animation dvd collection
Future prediction: matt ? lebron this has sunshine smile is the patron saint of middle-aged will read largest. Show is matt ? lebron after five years after a television screen the return of the show.
According to statistics, play in the January 9th, the premiere night viewing person-times 7.68 million, it looks like matt for the individual glamour ? lebron will directly decided this show of life and death.
February screenBBC Ancient World Series dvd Collection
"Sunshine older male"
Premiere date: February 9th
Starring: Matthew ? perry
Small make up renamed: the monkey with sunshine male "big
The story tells the idea: by Matthew perry ? as manager of the San Diego local stadium, in recent years, my girlfriend was forty, and deeply into dump the story of the troubled mid-life crisis.
Future prediction: Matthew ? perry will in the sunshine older male "plays an older single curtilage male. Interestingly, the sunshine older male play "took the ripe female town" is the baton.
In addition, tells that middle-aged people in trouble sports theme story, the sunshine with older male "is the widely acclaimed was a late bloomer" a bit similar. However, this drama want to give prize, the script must also take next full time.Star Trek Special Collector's Edition dvd
"Crazy love"
Premiere date: feb. 21
Starring: Jason ? biggs
Small make up renamed: "love your love to stupid stupid"
Story idea: just go to university Seattle youth matt started beautiful first love. His girlfriend k enthusiastic and betrayal. But the girl's rampant caused a serious accident, not her suicide, and was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Matt desperately will k medical orphanage "steal" out, but, he gradually realize k really sick, and single on his own cannot be cured her, so he decided to put the k returned to her parents.Clint Eastwood: 35 Movies 35 Years dvd
Future prediction: nearly two years of the weird that parody situation comedy is really too much, "crazy love" if not new, estimated also will become a failure of copycat works.
"Not out of the light
Aired January 11: time
Starring: holt ? McCandless laney
Small make up the old name: boxing champion "lake
Story idea: the hero is a known as "not out of" the light of former heavyweight boxing champion, but in order to his wife and three daughters had quit the boxing; But the sudden economic crisis and forced his competitions and return to the court, and accept a cruel and forced to work.
Future prediction: netizens thinks, this is like the king a TV version of wrestling, although this drama actors mostly obscure the generation, but television dare to use this show replace the mount, "and" the name of the imperishable light "has its unique.Disney Classic Cartoon Series Collection Box Set Small make up that translation if can convert new title "the old boxing champion", can lake inscribed "an" and outstanding "boxing" word.
"Foreign clinic"The Woody Allen dvd Collection
Premiere date: January 12
Starring: Caroline ? DaFu na,


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