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2010 annual American play inventory of Hollywood ten events Empty 2010 annual American play inventory of Hollywood ten events

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Have such a show, broadcast a six years, created hundreds of role, gives the audience left killed thousands of riddles, and finally ending with a controversial closeout (attention, is controversial, not lousy tail, if you insist that the show is lousy tail, then I would have insisted that is you didn't read). The classic "lost" in this year ending, science fiction play countless fans at the television (or the computer), with tears and that only labrador together, with jack, accompanied the show came to the end of the road.The Beatles: Stereo Box Set

"Lost" never short dispute, never lack of topic, it can't rely on finale again won an emmy recognition, but it has been countless fans and critical people into a small screen works with the classic hall, become an insuperable type play model.Michael Jackson the Ultimate Collector dvd
American idol "judge squad finally tenth season frontman Steven spacecraft announced, Smith Taylor, pop diva Jennifer - lopez and only randy Jackson to form a new term of the judges combination. Nine has already been on "American idol" has disappeared "American television first reality show" the battlefield, ratings decline successively creator and while the judges Simon - exam will also announced leave, and Taylor and lopez two new judges to join in the program is the last a booster.Elvis Special Edition dvd
When looking at the screen appeared eight years of counter eventually when zero, your mind is lost? Is release? Old soldiers never die, just fade away. "Anti-terrorist 24 hours" once is the FOX TV networks broadcast drama, and the ace after eight years also ultimately faced decline poor ratings, evaluation, etc. Was nicknamed jack Bauer's jack - the way with solemn and stirring Powell television screen, and the farewell to the legend of lonely hero in 2012 movie version of the anti-terrorism 24 hours being written.Doctor Who series 5 dvd
"Black" sow before, there were many people expect it will be popular, but few expect it will be like now this red. The advertising maniac "and" "two episodes JueMing poison division for amcs won the trophy, the glittering dust" is AMC won the ratings. Film by popular comic adapted from the viewers ratings repeatedly since new wave red, the first season finale also create history become so far the most-watched a cable television drama. "Black" some time ago to have been nominated golden globe for best drama, and early next year's emmy it is also expected to the nomination.NCIS Season dvd
Three years ago, Brian - secco's shock win an emmy depending on lance, allowing media and spectators emperor disappoints; Three years later secco lance bolton on knocking, seeking the limelight emperor of complete could not be undone. All say emmy funders, families against the heroes like JueMing poison in the lance meal in the appraisal, forking out as the drug traffickers and chemistry teacher is obviously very close their appetite.Lost Complete Series dvd
"Spartacus: blood and sand encounter trouble cast of it is the best downright this idiom annotations. The Starz network broadcast of historical document and the degree of exposure in bloody drama are in the United States, epic proportions of controversial also reap good ratings, starring Andy - I can be anfield (Andy Whitfield) but let the news of cancer of the show made comprehensive subsequent crash. Currently still in looking for the right cast replace candidate, even prison break protagonist miller also once been rumors are expected to join us.House M.D dvd
2010 big bang for the life of several starred are absolutely lucky one year. This broadcast 4 years show has become America's most popular sitcom, even on the other side of the China is also heat does not decrease. The actor Jimmy Parsons (Jim Parsons) in emmy selected a comedy on this important best actor award this year also in succession, the five starred in pay, true it is both material and spiritual double harvest.The Unit Complete Series dvd
Likewise also handed in his resignation to the crew Alec Baldwin, but the reason Carlyle is different, and the departure is thoroughly Baldwin farewell entertainment home to rest. The 52-year-old actor was born actor family, in "mad" for my comedy after an emmy and a golden globe is more seats to the emperor trophy on the peak of the career. "I'm now for comedy" triangle "mad" three to one, the two remaining fulcrum is hard to team up this once scene infinite comedy.The Big Bang Theory seasons dvd
"The office" is a successful reversioning play, this drama starring Steve Carlisle won the excellent performance in the play won numerous honors. In June this year Carlyle says it will not continue to play "office", in next 5 months after the end of this season, the crew left for the audience is a big loss. Carlyle says his departure is hope to play with family, there will be more movie.
Godfather level talk-show host Larry - gold by the end of the year, the officially retired, 77 years old life had more than 40,000 times interview, he presided over the "Larry King Live" (Live) has been a benchwarmer King of CNN's most-watched program. His personal life also and his host career as full of legend, he had eight marriage is the media since prurient interest topic, therefore, although it strictly speaking and play although no relationship, but it is a great event in the United States.Desperate Housewives season 6 dvd


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