Adam lambert music awards in the United States on the tongue kiss male musicians

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Adam lambert music awards in the United States on the tongue kiss male musicians Empty Adam lambert music awards in the United States on the tongue kiss male musicians

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American time on November 16, 2009 - November 22, the new week American TV viewing list 2007-13. Each big show this week from the overall performance are on par with last week, comprehensive viewing population hit 20 million unexpectedly only the navy crime DiaoZhaChu "a program. The only bright spot from award ceremony, if last week's the 43rd country music association awards (CMA) awards ceremony is just a plate of appetizer, so this week's 2009 music awards (AMA) across is a seafood club dinner, most people present American pop music familiar to the popularity of the singers thousand flowers bloom, and brings up for the AMA 5.5 ratings, the all-time list in 18 also nominated 49 years of viewing ranked second on the list, behind the Sunday football nights ". And ABC this two weeks with TaiZhuZi "dance and internship career-best's" grey "consistent performance, will continue with the CBS show out of power.The Beatles: Stereo Box Set

Top 10 (comprehensive viewing list on November 16, 2009 - nov. 22)

Ranking title type television time viewing population
Michael Jackson the Ultimate Collector dvd
1 the navy DiaoZhaChu "(NCIS) crime drama 2033.9 million CBS 20:00

2 "dancing with the stars 1884.4 million ABC 20:00 reality show

(competitions. The Stars)

3 the Sunday football nights "sports NBC 20:30 1733 million

(NBC is Night Football)
Elvis Special Edition dvd
4 "dancing with the stars" results show 1602.1 million reality show ABC 21:00

(W/competitions as) Stars

5 the news six very "(60 Minutes) news CBS 1597.8 million at 19:00

6 "super feeling" (The detective Mentalist) show 1585.1 million. CBS 22:00
Doctor Who series 5 dvd
7 the crime scene investigation "(CIS) show 1490.9 million CBS 21:00

8 the navy DiaoZhaChu: Los Angeles crime drama 1487 million of CBS 21:00


9 "America's music awards ceremony ABC 20:00 1424.1 million

(was) as Music

10 the intern of ABC's "grey 1407 million drama at
NCIS Season dvd
(Grey 's Anatomy)

Hot drama comment on:

The music awards (AMA) is the most important each year in the United States is one of the popular music awards, because its the awards are all by fans voted online for fans, directly reflects the preferences and the singer's popularity index, thus singers are very concerned about this award, whether as commended entrants, the honorees or performer, stars are lining up.
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The AMA performance still represents a squad of American pop music highest level, Janet Jackson (Jackson) as cernet guests, then start nicole kidman husband Keith Urban (Keith Urban), Latin buttock small days Shakira (Shakira), non-mainstream star HeiYanDouDou Gaga, are Black Eyed tree), (bare longfeng tire did not show up after the long already Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), and the American Idol (Americam Idol) was born, several reds Kelly Clarkson), Kelly Clarkson (with Chris Chris Daughtry how terry (,) and Adam Lambert Adam Lambert (stage) have a sell-out audience, the entire ceremony whole climax, the audience stood up and each guest almost jumped together, the situation was very High.House M.D dvd

Talking about the big winner, the awards for deceased pop Augusta Jackson (Michael Jackson) and in the country music awards last week just (CMA) of the 19 goodie Taylor Swift (small red, including Michael Taylor Swift) obtained including "pop/rock class the most popular male singers and the most popular album" and "R&B/spiritual songs class the most popular male singers and the most popular album" four awards, and Taylor is claiming the "year every artist", "pop/rock class the most popular singer" and "country class the most popular singer" and "country class the most popular album" four heavyweight awards. The blonde girl this year's unstoppable, dominated the pop music awards, and cause the awards love both proud, her boyfriend is as "the twilight city" series of movies "werewolf Jacob" Taylor Lautner) lothrop (Taylor (the city of both the last week of the crazy obtained: crescent, Taylor lothrop box perfect body made valuable contributions, he is said to every bare muscles will lead a scream) in cinemas.The Unit Complete Series dvd

Zhang ailing said be famous, but a lot of stories while in the showbiz too early to tell us who won fame were easy astray, now Taylor swift astral road not only let us remember the time seems to britney spears, are blond beauty girl, BaoPeng popularity, perfect boyfriend, apparently of fame britney has lost the direction. But she's mistakes, believe that Taylor can avoid detours, for American music to grow new generation of legendary days rather than a flash in the pan of the traveler.
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