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In accordance with the practice of American public television network to count, April and May is the end of the file each fall, most of the previous year's U.S. launch in September, will true blood dvdplay two months usher in the end, after the TV screen will Reality TV and the transition to the main program until September of this year will usher in the beginning of another fall Disney movies dvdfile. But friends like the United States do not have to worry about drama, no drama if the four public television to watch, AMC, HBO and Showtime and other cable networks can still Disney dvd collectionprovide a large number of quality American TV shows, determined to focus the audience may wish to under the "rights of the game" "killing" and so this year's hit cable drama.
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As usual, ABC is the highest-rated Monday night television, trump reality show "Dancing with the Stars" attracted 20.9 million viewers, although the ratings fell 9 percentage points from last week, but still a rule-level data. After the broadcast, "Spirit of Exploration wonderful 24 dvdbook" is the only one on Monday night drama ratings are rising year on year, 7.9 in the ratings this week than last week by 11 percentage points. More than fame to ABC, the other the office dvd
three public television networks have suffered a disastrous night, CBS's "romance I Met Your Mother" (How I Met Your Mother) and other four series, NBC's "supermarket agents" (Chuck) and other two episodes, and FOX's "House" (House) and other two series, all without exception, the lowest record since the launch of this season the ratings! The seven episodes of the most tragic reminder that the NBC television network's "Law & Order: Los Angeles" (Law & Order: Los Angeles), a set of ratings decline over the previous 32%.

Tuesday's ratings, the struggle can be described as uneventful, CBS's "Navy CSI" and spin to help CBS win the ABC's crime drama "the dead of the card" (Body of Proof) original performance ratings this week up 4% last week, the audience numbers are stable at 10 million or more.
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ABC Wednesday ushered in new drama "The Terminal" (Happy Endings) premiere Unfortunately, the show's ratings performance not the name of that lovable, 570 million viewers and 2.7 in the ratings numbers can only be regarded as mediocre. Night is also a lack of other ABC shows a good performance, in which "modern family" ratings fell 14% since the launch of the second lowest this season figures. "American Idol" is doing my highest-rated program on Wednesday, although the ratings were down 3% last week, but still is an acceptable figure. And "American Idol" than, FOX a show the other night, "Security Alert" (Breaking In) will cup the more. This file broadcast drama this week, Episode 2, ratings have fallen sharply, down 20 percent rate. Launch the second week of drama in general will have a certain degree of decline in the ratings, but 20% is too exaggerated point.

"American Idol" and "Bones" to help FOX prime time on Thursday ruled the former ratings continue to decline but still no show can match the latter than in the ratings last week, rose by 16 percentage points. CBS is still rudderless side, "Big Bang" to the 29 to return to China and the U.S. audience as the audience waiting. NBC on Thursday'd have a good performance, "parks and open space," "I'm mad comedy" (30 Rock) and "outsourcing" The Tudors dvd(Outsourced) three straight drama in the ratings rise.


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