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Post by babycanread123 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:38 pm

2010 -2011 year, American TV serial in early September officially opened the curtain, Entourage dvdtheater fans busy "patronize" such as "Big Bang", "Modern Family" and other red popular drama, but few have noted that one U.S. theater world In a time of "cups" are being gradually generated.
Ghost Whisperer dvd
Escape the fate the annual highlight of
September 29, FOX officially announced the cancellation of their first year of heavy drama "Lonely Star", launched to cut the drama, not to hang on until a total of 5 sets of the time, although the producers had repeatedly called on to save KyleKillen the drama, but premiere set of bad ratings shocked FOX, senior were closely watched the progress of the drama, the tragedy is that, after viewing still no improvement after playing in the second episode lost 19% of the audience, and finally lead to cut. "Lonely Star" This is a masterpiece of 2010, Gilmore Girls dvdFOX, luxury lineup, a lot of money invested by the old drama of bone starring Jon Voight to join, the story of a young handsome guy living a double life story. From the theme, the theme of the script to have a good space and the play, but let the audience play the story has not yet commenced lost patience, and probably too wants to go line by word of mouth.Star Trek Voyager dvd
Then ABC station to turn in for the kill, the experimental pseudo-documentary series "our generation" cut, perhaps a "modern family" on this success story to show ABC maintains high hopes, but the station may also suffer high fall, "our generation" 2 is only attracted 390 million viewers watched the 18-49-year-old group of ratings is only 1.1, compared with premiere set down 31%, believe that this downward trend is the ABC decided to end its causes.Grey's Anatomy on dvd
Pearl of the classic drama fans forget that
Since the 2009 drama "Beautiful Life" to cut in 2 episodes, drama and innovative cutting speed record, the U.S. television network is a cutting speed of play than in a sturdy. Driven by economic interests, the United States all the ratings a little poor, loss of value of the series will be canceled, in theory, should be the most drama of half silence, boring or not appealing to viewers, but it may not be absolute, Over the years, various network canceled the series and more as the stars, but no lack of classic Pearl, even if the cut is still being, fans are obsessed.
The Big Bang Theory dvd
The first reason is big in 2000 by director James Cameron's sci-fi series "Dark Angel", this work of great beauty from the present hot starring Jessica Alba, set for the future invasion by nuclear explosions world, a group of people with special abilities to survive and fight to the end of the world involved in anxiety, super human, social class, and action adventure, etc., the motif of the story is very advanced in terms of time, after "Heroes," " 4400 "and other plays in fact, has emerged from its suspected. So grand and beautiful line, and a considerable sense of forward-looking and provocative subject matter and plot, this drama that is a classic sample of longevity, but in the second quarter, FOX cut off quickly after sowing, the reason is because, after all, great director Cameron asked fine and high-end, cost too much beyond recovery costs.the l word dvd
A movie called "Firefly," the cut series, presumably the hearts of many Kehuan Mi pain. This launched the series in 2002 is legendary, tells the story of the earth after 500 years because of population explosion, human space required to seek a colonial planet. The set and 2010's "Avatar" is exactly the same, and "Firefly," the focus is the human form of globalization Star Alliance, marching to the Milky Way for adventure. A science fiction drama is full of western style, spirit of adventure, science fiction to imagine even political orientation, coupled with humorous dialogue, so that drama itself is full of depth and weight, it has reached a rare IMDB 9.5 scores, but is such a work, but only broadcast television season was cut down, until now, some people still want to be resurrected. Although the show failed to live longer, but in the drama fans and hot dish achieved a successful city, there are published this dish a business called "impossible because it is: Firefly and Serenity fans of the story" of the DVD.

2005 soap opera "Kitchen Confidential" is due to star in "The Hangover" and the red to the heyday of the Bradley Cooper play the leading role, have to say, although no fame in this drama, but those salty, humorous and small smart smile point after another, is to force the end, it did not escape fate, the short 13-episode first season laid the carnival and its appetite a bit provocative temperament, the audience failed to recognize the status of completion.
true blood dvd
"Rumor" is from "Friends" Courteney Cox Monica Di actor husband David A Kuite with the then jointly create drama, exposed a number of entertainment gossip Zhongde broke, Cox plays the editor of entertainment gossip magazines through bribery, temptation, threats and other means to share the stars playing in the palm between continuously burst and scandals in their private lives, to the magazine gimmick, even at the scandal and their man-made trap. Sense of drama is very controversial, and therefore a lot of gimmicks to attract viewers, but this drama has not supported the 2nd quarter to an abrupt end in the middle due to writers strike that hit the end of the second quarter is illegible, is opera fans known as a great pity.
Disney movies dvd
Lively circle full of diverse and show the beauty of a variety of exciting and regret, for the product of fast-food culture, most people have given the recognition and love, but may not be able to devote sufficient patience, which also caused a lot of patience absent with a certain topic ideas and show the depth of cut is victimizes wrong, but the American TV industry has never been back from the dead, so the terms for drama fans, those classic from becoming only halfway to death, only city and the dish The screen to admire these "unnatural deaths" caused by an infinite wouderful.


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