From 2009's "Angel fightFrom 2009's "Angel fight

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From 2009's "Angel fightFrom 2009's "Angel fight Empty From 2009's "Angel fightFrom 2009's "Angel fight

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From 2009's "Angel fight " began, "Jealous Sea","both good and bad, ""Love on the road, ""glass drilling dispute"and dozens of Thai drama recently been introduced frequently, quickly set off in China An Thai, and formed a large-scale "Thai meal. " Thai guy play a lot, saliva full blast, no doubt on countless female viewers have great destructive power.
Thai popular drama, Korean drama American TV station to step aside. Look at this seductive Thai version of four kings, you all know
24 dvd
Pong as the first university in Thailand Master of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Pong was born there in 1978, only appearance. Height 182cm, Shantou, Guangdong grandparents who Disney dvd collectionhave half of Chinese descent.
Popular experience: in Anhui Satellite TV broadcast the "angel of war"after, Pong in the domestic fire. He often and the Bee partner acting, many viewers want them to be a couple. Pong said the two were partners, but because of height and shape matching, there is no emotional entanglements between the two. Pong male model in the year 2000 as his debut the following year, star of classic Thai drama "Phoenix Blood ", a household name in Thailand. Pong is like a Thai version of Andy Lau, industry strong.
Overall Comments: The model turned pong body very good, very masculine tough shape, hidden under the school of dark skin refined demeanor, his body exudes aristocratic your son so that he starred in the role many times, in many It seems the audience he played the character of your son appeared entirely.
Top works: "Phoenix Blood","both good and bad, ""neighbors close friend, ""Angel dispute ", "Cupid's trap, ""jealous of the deep", "Tomorrow I still love you ", "Black Humor "and so on.
Tik and Pong, as in many ethnic Chinese in Thailand, Tik is also a quarter of Chinese descent, his mother is mixed and Thailand. Tik I, has been named the sexiest man in Thailand.
Popular experience: because of handsome, Tik early to enter the entertainment industry as the model, and then starred in more than a first-line movies and television star, is the main host jungle adventure programs.
Overall Comments: He looks handsome, tall and sexy, always exudes the flavor of intellectual man, sportsman's style is very temperament.
Hot work: "fled the Princess, ""Under the same sun","I am your eyes, ""crafty, ""sincere and nice lady, " and so on.House MD dvd
Chinese name Lin Baiguang Dome, born in 1979 in Thailand. Singapore Chinese father and his mother was mixed Ted, height 183cm.
Popular experience: Dome two years old when he started to shoot commercials, ads can be said that the letter of the little boy, filmed over 50 branch advertising, grew up in the Dome Dexter dvdalso took on a variety of ads. Dome's acting career in music since the age of 15 signed Thailand's top record company released few albums. This year, he starred in the television two and a half men dvdseries "eternal love", the theme song and the episodes are Dome concert.
Overall Comments: Overall good health, quite a Korean artist's style. All along, he and Pong on who is the most handsome male stars in Thailand, the argument continued.The Simpsons dvd
Top works: "Love is immortal"and other.


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