To see the prince married as home to see American shows concludes

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To see the prince married as home to see American shows concludes Empty To see the prince married as home to see American shows concludes

Post by babycanread123 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:56 am

This April how? Everyone is married crazy. Besides big S, LinXiLei, stefanie sun, ZhangYuQi, yesterday, also came a blockbuster century wedding Britain's prince William married, but this is a grand wedding! Never
Looking at the wedding live online pomp, you are too initiation of the learning and wedding with English related ideas? In fact, if you watch American shows intention, can achieve the effect you desire.ncis dvd
In the American drama, weddings and Christmas, Thanksgiving is same, is an important node, and most of the story. Let us play classic beauty in inventory, meanwhile, wedding scene two sentences and learn about English, wedding day you can use?
The bride/groom/bridesmaids/groomsman
E.g: I wish to invite you as pretty best man. I'd like to invite you to be my groomsman.
We are Sadly the bridesmaid and never have the bride. Sadly, we always when, not when the bride bridesmaids.One Tree Hill DVD
Bridegroom: A man who is never at A wedding important unless he fails to display up. The groom: unless he didn't appear, otherwise he in A wedding is not important.sons of anarchy dvd
The bride and groom the two words, just remember it well. The spelling of bridesmaid is groomsman not like Chinese such "symmetrical. Best man, while groomsman is bridesmaid is bridesmaid.
If you ask a group of bridesmaid, usually the bride will select the most good boudoir honey do a bridesmaid, namely, chief of maid went. Maid this word, had a Maid mean, do bridesmaids certainly is for the bride service! Your home hour Labour and aunt, English also may be called a maid.
But now the foreigners in China are quite sinicization, they also tube ayi "called" hour Labour.
Keywords: heavy lubricious light friend
E.g: Hey! You can 't go out. It' s account penny vedio goldmine bro 's, night before ho' s You cannot and petunia out, tonight we about good play video games! Don't weigh color light a friend!
Simply speaking, Bro's brother's meaning, is a simplified version of the remaining unchanged. In the American drama, young people call each other to each other as "bro, roughly equivalent to" buddy ". For instance said Hey bro hello! "" Or, "sorry 's up bro" are very common. As for ho!, we'll have it understand the "for American slang chicks! This sentence literally translation is: buddy rows in the little girl in front of it.Dexter dvd
When you see the elder brothers have heavy lubricious light friend when the trend of Hey Bro, can say "before ho! 's' s!" Meant to him "heavy friend light color". Of course, the fact often contrary to that. Especially the wedding day, a brother had to the sidelines, this day but belonged to the woman's big day!
Keywords: grab limelight
E.g: I wish good sir announcing pregnancy emails that I was for Echo, and I didnt teaching-building thunder. Could you bring on his daughter to I kept quiet about my pregnancy because YiKeEr will get married, I don't want to steal her thunder.
You don 't have to be in the maker subscribers in the party. You don't have to each party are grab limelight (become topic maker).Criminal Minds dvd
Do you still remember the friends remember "monica announced and chandler engagement that episode? Because Rachel and Ross in her engagement night kiss, monica will explode with rage, accusing Rachel his daughter you thunder. This proverb from literal meaning understanding that "stole someone clap of thunder" is actually rob limelight meaning.Supernatural DVD
During the ceremony, do you most taboo bridesmaids bride 's thunder. So "crafty" bride usually close companion ladies reservation to bridesmaid dress. Whether color or design, can't robbed the bride wedding gown thunder. This gown have pajamas and dress two meanings. Generally if is out to grand banquet or party, ladies wearing gown, and men will then want to wear the tuxedo, also is a tuxedo.Cold Case dvd
Speaking of the wedding, the bride bouquet nature also is very important. Who can grab that prince William and Kate's wedding bouquet, estimate really blessed.
Wedding show
Beauty the wedding all fascinating, and has always amazing story appeared. By William married, we might as well to inventory the beauty in the play's wedding, of them, the corners of your mouth turned up?

NO. 1

Phoebe in the snow of the weird that wedding
The friends of record "many wedding and romantic, funny, but the most let person touched or phoebe in the snow, simple and romantic wedding. The friends to record "also helped us to understand many westerners marriage custom. For example they care for the "for new, for it, blue, borrowed for", that is, the bride in a wedding use of thing, must have some old, little bit of new, a little blue, a I met your mother dvd
Generally speaking, the bride wear dress is new, and the veil is old (is the best mother handed down there, blue represents depression), remind even in wedding this day also want to maintain a how of mood, this is life. And something borrowed is generally good friends. So you can understand why chandler and monica in Las Vegas planning to get married, stole a blue dress at.this said "borrowed" new and move ahead.
The Simpsons dvd
NO. 2

Matthew and lily's wedding "ssi romance"

The writers of the American play in order to increase the dramatic effects, often let the bridegroom in panic (mad) before getting married. Panic world leader to calculate Matthew the estimated. This elder brothers to alter the before suddenly feel myself are handsome enough, picked up the top of head of hair push a soup.
the tudors dvd
However, at the buddy's encouragement, Matthew finally back to normal. Looking at him wearing a hat tall jazz cap married, it is to let a person be laughing.

NO. 3

Susan grove wedding "desperate housewives"

"Desperate housewives" the wedding in the few, those luxurious left much impression not in the third quarter, but the small forest end Susan wedding let a person is touched.
Mad Men DVD
Look at mike for wedding day busy night busy, and even developed lumbar disease, silly elder sister Susan unexpectedly also considerate up. The game at a small garden only three people's wedding very romantic, very beautiful. Daughter Julie calculate going up is Susan's maid of went. This is a drama theatrical effect, in "gossip girl", also have let children do best, but in bridesmaids real life, this is very rare.

NO. 4

Kelly and Mr Big wedding "sex and the city"

The film version of "sex and the city" is a wedding gown, kelly's display would almost all famous weddingdress designer catch them all. But because of the pressure is too Big, Mr. Big or panic, hence escape...

Finally and good two still held a simple and happy wedding is this parable of modem life?
Entourage dvd
No. 5

Chase and Cameron twister doctor's wedding "Howe doctor"

They both marriage can be true not easy, are weird house under doctor, uncle without being Howe deke get out psychological problems good...... Two people, go together and this one step, "Howe doctor" didn't maltreat them and give them a big wedding.
Big Bang Theory dvd


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