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Post by babycanread123 on Tue May 03, 2011 3:17 am

1, the record ", makes Friends recommended index: five stars

Disney dvd collection
Tells the story of six young men and women of lovely humor life, after 10 years, is "ten season of growing pains, after another classic American TV. Actually the first set I saw several times to adhere to read, but he fell in love with this drama behind. This is the best spoken English listening teaching material, yet many LiJian TOEFL teacher still. When bored, pulls out a set see can still make you laugh. Allegedly Margaret thatcher like this show, seems quite like Joey.

2, "24 hours", recommend index: five stars
one tree hill dvd

2001 (just 911) the TV is FOX launch a landmark works, the protagonist is the U.S. counter-terrorism agent Jack, described how he and family, colleagues, President, terrorists of the complicated relationship between, and finally how to defeat terrorist conspiracy stories. Each set is the real one hour happened, one season, just 24 set whole day experience, so than prison break even more nervous fierce.

When I first saw the first season, have so far unforgettable quickens. The first season six in January 2007, Jack returned from China broadcast, he used to save America, this time he will save you. This show, as with prison break season one season for a look. If you like prison break, this must try. Right, Bill Gates was also the 24 hours "of loyal fans. (in recent episode showed a slightly, so drop down a)

3, Grey 's Anatomy the intern's "Grey", recommend index: five stars

24 dvd
Although it is medical drama, but clever confluence the life, feelings, so lively and interesting. Writers are very, very strong play, many cases make a person very touched, background music is classic. Anyhow is an almost perfect drama, besides love life outside, I was a bit of a mess for "the merry joke can translate doctor qiao n". In 2006, the United States after the super bowl final play in the ratings have been on "desperate housewives". Currently, broadcast season 3 two cases per episode, a second quarter reputation is very good. (the first four seasons level lower)

4, Boston Legal Boston Legal, recommend index: five stars

House MD dvd
I most like a legal drama, charm, humorous dialogue, character, are plot tension nines. The last two seasons, to savor the most classic! Or another overkill said, this is every man should look at play! Two main characters in an old one () were compared, special dialogue scrapes directly! Women should also see, actor Alan charm cannot block.

Desperate Housewives 5, the Desperate Housewives, recommend index: 4 and a half.

the office dvd

The woman through a suicide after the soul, tells the story of her four beautiful, superior a young housewife friends, is on the verge of collapse, despair life TV shows, this is even attracted Laura bush. The first season is still good, the suspense have cold humor. The second season theme is not very clear. Third, the four seasons level to bounce back.

6, Sex and the City "Sex and the City", recommend index: 4 and a half

The Tudors dvd
Four girlfriends feelings things and the log of women in the audience, this show the meaning of more clearly. Maybe a little sexual initiation and feminist colour.

7, Gilmore Girls "Girls, recommend index: 4 and a half

A story of a single mother and her daughter in small-town life story, two people are talking very funny, the whole film is also very warm, little beauty and big beauty their study and work, and emotional life is main clue. Writers are female, and the dialogue speak very fast. The garden of Eden is translating Chinese version, the United States has ended. Former season 2 more good-looking.
Ghost Whisperer dvd
8, Howe doctors (what), recommend index: 4 and a half

This film is recommended for being late. Just before the first season I don't watch the show, but this prescriptive four seasons, so don't level still superb list, the guilty. Script, you have to carefully rhythm soon follow.

9, Band of brothers "brothers,", recommend index: 4

Entourage dvd
"Brothers," is a reflect American airborne troops for the second world war ii battle of European campaign and the Pacific miniature television series, for the title once translation of Normandy, 2001 large airborne produced by Tom Hanks, and Steven spielberg joint executive producer, David - Fran Kerr, Tom Hanks multiplayer director, actor and a strong lineup. The play on television in America, 2002 at once popular became the golden globe and emmy darlings. Also on one of the best war series. My advice is to be sure to watch the last set.

10, Weeds "single poison mama", recommend index: 4

The Big Bang Theory dvd
I am personally very like a black YouMoJu, speaks the single mother, the whole story of drug storvery graphic and absurdity. The depiction of American journalists all psychological. Actress Mary Louise parker - excellent performance by the received 2005 best actress golden globe a comedy. Former three quarter are good.

11, The o. c. "orange county boy", recommend index: 4.

Gilmore Girls dvd
Also a youth play American high school in the wealthy life, feelings, intricate. The first season is good. In the second quarter after a little slack. The heroine was gorgeous, actually I prefer anns, especially the English accent, is really cute. Allegedly bush two daughters like this show, often learn inside dressed the heroine.

12, 25 Hill "basketball brother" wrong Tree, recommend index: 4.

Grey's Anatomy on dvd
American high school, in fact they youth play with university life, because this film similar to the first contact is my modern beauty, so a little drama feelings. In the second quarter after a little slack. All those beautiful certainly is not the original music, are also good.

13, How I met listed your mother "ssi romance", I liked a romantic comedy. Recommend index: 4

[b] 14, The Apprentice The Apprentice, recommend index: 4

Dexter dvd
America's a real business show, a business tycoon, a senior executive posts to 10 several players competition, weekly a project into two groups competition, losing party someone will be eliminated. English real quick, also can open a commercial vision. More suitable for college students and white-collar view. At present domestic eastern TV's "a conducive intellectual winner" is imitate this, actually sent more far.

15, Everwood "snow mountain town", beautiful scenery and lovely people. Gilmore Girls counterpart. Recommend index: 4

16, Dexter: double-sided forensic. Recommend index: 4

17, crime Closer) The end (actress Kyra Sedgwick is really enough shrewd and capable, favorite or she BiWen suspects break-neck. Cutting edge tough enough, enough. Recommend index: 4
two and a half men dvd

18, "flying" (Hustle), are recommended index:

This movie trick enough, turning also enough. If the movie "crazy stone" is a rough version of words, the "flying" thieves "is a rare hardback, as the British drama. Look
the l word dvd
19, the mood be where "(Men In Trees) : jingmei, beauty, the feeling is more beautiful, the plot never boring, each role that you like. Love expert met love crisis, beautiful scenery and interesting animal and let the audience accustomed to watching the city eyes fully relax, humor appropriate dialogue very weird, character cute, and of course the plot interesting pure beautiful family friendship and love. So proposal female audience don't miss this show, the male audience best and female audience watch this show. Recommend index: 4

20, "love times (Dawson 's Creek) although is nearly 10 years ago, but now the works still fresh look.
Boston Legal dvd


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