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Post by babycanread123 on Wed May 04, 2011 2:07 am

Kiefer Sutherland don't eat not to drink not pull not and working 24 hours a day, to defend the United States all contributed themselves, if not him, I think the United States has been kongbu molecular out 200 times. American drama outstanding personal hero, you might find it hard to agree, but nervous plot but attract you keep reading it.
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Personal favorite 24 hours is the first four seasons, most people certainly appreciate the most is the first season, with years of increases, writers also appeared intelligence stagnation, nuclear and gas repetition, as this year to begin the seventh season African article broadcast, 24 hour also, ratings can still return jing to remain in 10 million above, have to say this is a miracle. But, alas, the plot only one said, called flints too much.
Add: 24 hours the latest episode of the ratings of 10.5 million
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Geomantic turn by turns, 30 years hedong, 30 years hexi, Fox how all won't think of the four television from fell to the third, if not NBC bottom, I'm afraid it would have s.
Ratings declines, see escaped the latest episode ratings right, December 23, ratings 498 million prison. Even if global again many fans, face so frustrated the ratings, television is not the end, bear the loss of audience, Fox finally 2009 announced that the first four seasons last season break, officially cut.
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Old play fade, Fox launch new play is also a severe blow. In 1984, this is revolutionary year, because science fiction are a significant breakthrough, is no longer alien invasion of earth, is no longer the deterioration of the environment cause the destruction, no longer was straight to earth, screenwriters across the enemy to kill the man himself invented machines. Arnold deke also emerged as Hollywood by this hottest stars.
After all is the same shareholders, Fox television also want to tell Fox studios release sells piece into the TV series, save a decline, and the growing ratings, the puzzling terminator gaiden was born.
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To win new play designedly, Fox make it across the man came after obsessed with football, because of the huge influence of pre-requisite drama, the terminator gaiden got 1830 million premiere ratings (counting the audience behind loss), and this can only use myth to describe.
Blunt terminator, has one of the new name of interest: how can I miss this ratings show? Hope, their disappointment, insipid story, curt expression, it is hard to make me believe this show can keep going. Sure enough, a week later, the terminator gaiden second set ratings decline, falling to extremely 8.8 million.
No matter how omnipresent propaganda, the real battle, or feature that compaction resistance concerned, the terminator gaiden has complete failure, no matter how sexy lina ยท Heidi, for ordinary no from the nue incline to audience is concerned, it has lost his appeal, no accident of words, the second season might just as well be last season.
Add: terminator gaiden last set ratings 529 million
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Fox television currently can get you anything, except the American idol besides, old play also left Howe doctors and 24 hours.
Howe doctors in domestic has extensive fans, there are still able to top 20 in weeks occupies a ratings banquet. Howe doctor actor won in drama performance, become several in the United States has a strong influence entertainment one of the British people, income also rose to $1 million an episode ranks. (what does uncle charm!)
Personally, I've seen 3, 4 sets Howe doctor, so here wouldn't comment. I prefer the display of a emotional entanglement, Howe doctor is really give me much influence, I was advised to want to regard it as a detective set to see. (which I agree with, I always think that what is reasoning, and medical drama of Grey is idol emotion type medical drama)
Add: house doctor the latest episode of the ratings 1475 million
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In addition to the terminator gaiden defeat, Fox also launched outside of several successful new play. Representative has two, one is crisis edge, the other in a lie to me. (and Lie flowers! Strongly recommended to me! I was chasing look, to get out of the five sets... wait is pain...)

Crisis YouXiHuan make puzzle edge of battle, carvalho half-grabs lost screenwriter for a science fiction fan or suspense fans, this show is still very attractive, dramatis personae also each have each character, the plot watched will never let you feel bored. Of course, people will suspenseful overslept a suspense fatigue, another mystery, screenwriter don't seem to death to torture." Hope don't until the last fall of a lost consequences: from the suspense piece to second-rate science fiction.
Add: crisis edge the latest episode of the ratings: 1045 million
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Lie to me, show haven't broadcast Fox began before the super feeling with CBS cry, said detective detective too naive super feeling, doll gas. Thus, Fox is based on a true case changes but to me Lie. A sea of leading pianist Tim Roth starring bear play, mainly about Tim how according to behavioral psychology tell if a person is lying. In my opinion, this show is a good play, the plot, pushing the case also is very attractive, watching in the process also can learn many things. Whether you can cry with super feeling, then the detective with Suggestions. But ratings, still lag behind in feeling detective one big chunk.
Add: lie to me the latest episode of the ratings 1301 million (I think later very appreciation potential).
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