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Carrie's farewell "office" Empty Carrie's farewell "office"

Post by babycanread123 on Fri May 06, 2011 4:09 am

This week the international politics event occurred, a royal weddings and a carefully designed the assassination of preemptive raid the various media headlines, CBS news program "ace" news 60 points to launch "bin laden worke special programs and the death" top ratings this week list. On the other hand, NBC reality show "the have high hopes of voice of America in this week, the premiere, the program, please make and spend money making more than joining singer as" star guiding ", the final viewing scores really good, hope and "American idol" and "dancing with the stars caravans.
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Few episodes on Monday, in addition to ABC outside of the update each big networks have arranged show replay, eventually ABC also relies on "dancing with the stars" strong easy win Monday. Eventually "dancing with the stars" attracted nearly 23 million viewers to watch, become this week overall audience and the most-watched program, ratings rose 13% year-on-year. On "dancing with the stars" was adjusted to drive, the broadcast Monday rhapsody in "marriage also have pretty good viewing scores, compared with last week also was transferred to the same time TV's" Cougar Town "(ripe female 0.4 rating higher than you). NBC, two had been expected to do that new play "surprised" (to) The with law and order: Los Angeles "(Law&Order: LA) than last week increased slightly ratings, but The two play head has appeared beidou die trillion star, cancel renew it is only a matter of time.
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The most popular show on Tuesday cheque-book makes the natural is NBC reality show "the voice of America", the program become young audience welcome by evening's most of the programs, 18-49 years old of time ratings defeated the dancing with the stars "and" the card "gesture. And veteran draft reality show "American idol", "the voice of America than the judges of younger, mostly singer not producer, selecting form are very different. The voice of America final harvest of nearly 1,200 million the number set NBC television ratings, the highest since 2009 ratings results. The premiere The voice of America "is also helping NBC salted fish emancipated, become the most-watched television network that night. FOX television network basing it on the next year the unknown elements "(X Factor) after the premiere, TV screen appear likely three gears for reality TV ratings scene. In addition, the joy FOX "(Glee) chorus ratings decline again 11 percent, the lowest ratings record breaking this season.
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Wednesday is still "American idol", but the evening broadcast of several other program has surprising performance, disturbed Wednesday night this pool. On Tuesday the 1st is made of the American premiere sound of, the program is still in Wednesday's attracted 600 million rebroadcasting, viewing audiences to watch the results make NBC programs are shame many. Number two is the aggravating the ABC new play, "the terminal" (Endings), the play during the weeks after falling ratings rose this week 17 points. NBC's 13th is the aggravating the royal wedding special programs ", the British dauphin "Cinderella" wedding attracts more than 5 million viewers to watch, but the rating scores more generally.
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"Office" boomed the Steve - Steve Carell norell (card) the "grim smile artisan", now card norell fought the big screen, but decided to broadcast this week of "office this episode also become Carrie's farewell performance. Affected by this, this week "office" ratings soared 27 percent, become 18-49 years old this week the most-watched program. The next few weeks will have several star visiting "office", Carrie's successor will be announced within a few sets after. And the way of high office, compared several other files on NBC's comedy "park" (and have a rest Parks&Recreation) and "I" (30 for comedy crazy crazy performances) this week, very general year-on-year decline ratings and 14 percent respectively 10%. CBS aspects of the big bang, "life after hiatus in a few weeks back, finally, the audience ratings down 14% 107 million number only.
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