"The thor" may take in theaters portman after big bad movie

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"The thor" may take in theaters portman after big bad movie Empty "The thor" may take in theaters portman after big bad movie

Post by babycanread123 on Fri May 06, 2011 4:13 am

The fate of the ups and downs of Raytheon. Filming stage, many critics see failure, think the film lousy phase film as the dew, is expected to be Natalie portman won an Oscar in after the first big bad movie. But soon after that, in Hollywood points but thoroughly yingxiu comeback reputation. In fact, the background in myth with ordinary hero "episode Raytheon compared, and no rippers... tablet in the upcoming accept throne: Joe torre Raytheon, lifting the planet for impulse recklessly was the war between the father of the gods, here, exile earth he met the beloved girl, and his comrade-in-arms together to defend the earth, but also grew as a qualified king.
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Hero films, sturdy opponent indispensable, but in the forehead, the only of Raytheon villain, namely the thor's brother, position and performance is inexplicable, sometimes with foreign colluding, and ultimately want to change sider, become movie plot took greatest. The story in the universe and the earth to switch between them, natural make films behave like a large, especially through the four thor comrades, wearing helmets came to earth in armored, make passerby scene, xi feels dye-in-the-wood. What is worth mentioning, this film for 130 minutes, it's not a feel boring owe to standard American comedy implant, when thor's four comrade-in-arms came to earth, patrol officer report says: "the FBI? I saw and Rachel princess, Jackie chan and Robin Hood." Make people laugh into one.Ghost Whisperer dvd

Muscle seductive

It to Natalie portman, Oscar's shadow spell has visions. Even if your film actress, but "the thor" she was assigned to part is not too much, the more no display space, suddenly in love with thor, since then cannot extricate oneself, complete with "black swan" unable to compare the performance. Even if is to gauge the unspoken compromise., vase measure almost not change clothes, makeup look is also very insipid Natalie portman, don't really satisfactory.
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In a seductive side, the thor "men do better. Film, starring Chris haim leavenworth acting, but when he was naked in the upper body, showing 8 blocks the seductive bodily form, abdominal shortages will become all floating clouds, even many female audience issued exclaimed. And he villain brother Tom sid le ralston also because jun lang looks impressive. Obviously, the director of the thor young female audience to co-opted, and show off videotape this recruit, most works better.
No 3D
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"Popcorn large" measure, "the thor" performance obviously fully qualified. As a film, and indeed the flagship desperately4 special effects. Of course, $150 million film in Hollywood, investment of special effects are big in just ordinary, want to get too big surprise, doesn't seem to reality. In fact, in the film, the magnificent, o city also though spectacular, stuck with the first of the rings, holy city rather similar xizhimennei at this point, even in previous film creator when accessing admit to the media.

But as the digital 3D films later turn, and the special effects and art film, compared the 3D performance of the Raytheon is not so bright eye. And the war of the gods, the last of the vast gas Pope same, "the myth of the thor overall attune slants dark, plus 3-d glasses off color, unavoidably make future visual experience more dark heavy, also have the audience, said the evaluation of the best film 3D effects is subtitles. So, it is hoped that the good effect to the film 3D biochemical crisis 4 "standard of audience, suggest to give up 3D version, 2D it will suffice.
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No eggs, there is a sequel

Released in Hollywood, the most legendary is film HuaLiLi underground, legend eggs for the sequel palace appear, lay the basis. But, watching the hinterland version of the audience not to wait at the cinema, introducing version of eggs has been removed, and maybe this is rare and mainland audiences respect of subtitle habits. However, although deleted eggs, the movie will hopolo: metaphor - are still evident at the end of the film, torre hit the rainbow bridge to the earth is broken with the beloved person, cannot contact, but loyal guard but answer too meaningful: "we will find a way." Don't know whether it will become Raytheon sequel lingering love epic?
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Within this month, the thor ", "pirates of the Caribbean 4", "kung fu panda 2" four components Hollywood will continue, break were screened for two ChongWang, the shadow city flagging naturally were counting on this. By Sunday, starring Natalie portman zijing xinke the myth of the upcoming release of Raytheon blockbuster "famous head cannon. Yesterday, in the wto ring silver film, although the mass media see held a plot weakness, Natalie portman etc actor's performances are no window, but as a standard popcorn movie, "the thor" fully qualified.


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