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17 Dobrev Elena Gilbert (Nina twice acted the role of, starred in American drama "the next generation of drawing middle school's case") and her 15-year-old brother Jeremy (Steven r. McQueen adorn, starred in a beautiful drama "snow mountain town") is still determined to panic just from four months ago, that took them to recover the parents of the traffic accident. Elena always all is the beautiful, popular star students, and students and friends place is friendly, but now she finds herself in front of the world to cover his feelings of sadness. Elena and Jeremy now and their is great but strong aunt Jenna (Sara Canning adorn, starred in "smallville") life together, Jenna efforts to do a good guardian.Mad Men DVD
Elena from her family in the social circle successful some consolation, her best friend Bonnie (Katerina Graham adorn, starred in a film "return to 17 years old"), friend and rival Caroline (Candice Accola adorn, starred in a film "Juno"), and her former boyfriend Roerig Zach'm (acted the role of, starred in the light of American drama "victory"), however ill-tempered road to Jeremy, he and drug addicts in together, and drugs to paralysis inner pain. Jeremy still try to understand why'm Vicki (The sister Kayla Ewell adorn, starred in a film "The Bold and The step") suddenly breaking up with him, then he and his enemies Tyler (Michael Trevino adorn, starred in a film "citizen Kane") together.the tudors dvd
Mystic Falls high school's new term begins, Elena and her friends obsessed with a handsome mysterious new students for Salvatore (Stefan Wesley adorn, starred in a film "Fallen"). Stefan and Elena took a shine to each other immediately, despite the increasingly weird to Stefan Elena move felt very confusing because he suddenly appeared at the cemetery Elena parents. Elena don't know Stefan buried a dark secret - blockbuster he is actually a vampire. The next day, a campfire party Elena and Stefan start getting to know each other, suddenly the party was plunged into chaos, because Vicki neck bitten into severely wounded and has been bleeding.Entourage dvd
Stefan know who is this attack murderer, he's scared, so he went home and found his 15 years we had never met who Damon (the Ian Somerhalder brother acted the role of, starred in "lost" American play. Damon also is a vampire, and the brothers have a long history of bitterness. Damon ridicule Stefan gave up their violence and ruthless tradition, but he understood his brother on Elena herself, she Stefan100 years ago because she and a woman in love with long almost identical, Damon tried to account for the woman for himself. Now this is an evil to a brother, to the Elena and her friends, family and Mystic Falls (in Virginia) all human life and fighting broke out.true blood dvd
The Vampire Diaries "The Vampire Diaries L.J. Smith adapted from best-selling author namesake series novel. The existing Bonanza Productions by Alloy, Warner Bros Inc and joint production Studios, Television and CBS Television joint directed, executive producer Kevin Williamson (including film "Scream" beauty drama Dawson 's Creek "), Julie Plec (American drama "gift" movie "Wasteland"), Leslie Morgenstein (American drama "gossip days", the movie to ") and Bob Levy (American drama "gossip days", "the set-up rich girl"). Marcos Siega (the director's bloodthirsty forensic ").Disney movies dvd
"The vampire diaries" issued new still male leading love warming
This autumn by CW television show "the vampire launched youth until now from premiere diary ratings chanting. Drama Friday Night in the first quarter of the third set Bite will be in the United States on September 24 time first released later broadcast, cast a number of still, see not hard, the hero and heroine love boom.Disney dvd collection


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