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The story happened in the United States, the fictional wisteria way, here outside uptown are rich happiness, life residents, but all this peace by a gunshot thoroughly shattered, community residents of the most beautiful and graceful housewife Mary - Alice - Yang (Brenda - Neil suddenly in her perfect diggs) home before taking his own life. But this is not Mary's the end of the story, to get her death from a new perspective of the chance to live, Mary overlooking the friends and their families on the surface of whether as perfect as peaceful as she once and whether the life, but also the lurk desperate undercurrents and crazy?one tree hill dvd
Mary's a small group of girlfriends for her suicide while volatile, side was enraged over continuing his life: Susan - MEL (lisa - the sea, tulameen adorn) is a divorced single mother, some one heart to seek dis her loyalty and long love, when Susan see moved to the new plumbers mike (James), she put bolton act that Cupid's arrow shot to the right place finally, good love life is about to begin; Li naite - si add walter (Philippine Lizzie Wendy - hoffmann adorn) was, but four naughty workplace a boring children to occupy a she now lives, and li naite sad to find, in the work firmly intact she couldn't friendly neighbors and community; Brigitte - van DE kamp (Klaus).shebeginstofall ahiah - manasseh with tough heavy-handed style in from garden to her husband, no isn't in her control, until bree shocking discovered her husband incredibly affair, she told the whole family's rule began to crumble; The youngest housewife, add bree jiabu Cheryl - solis (Eva - lang GuoLi and adorn) have is the envy of all - was a model of beauty, marry her young husband, have rich a fine house, but these can't fill gabriel li er mind of empty, she watched 17-year-old lovely gardener.
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Mary's suicide to her friends began to look at my life, but a surge of life changes makes them unprepared. Susan go behind the plumbers mike has mysterious past, divorce many times, coquettish woman neighbor yidi - bullitt (nicole Wright - XieLiDan adorn) also horizontal thrust a foot seduce up mike; Add bree's husband gave her a bunch of $15,000 diamond necklace, price can be as to her; Bree husband rex formally filed for divorce. And Mary soul were interested to look at the husband Paul increasingly suspicious performance: he in the middle of the night mining?
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Dead Mary commanding overlooking these occur in close HuoJu after, she used both the sweet and malicious sarcastic tone description was the story of family and friends. She wish someone can share this perfect suburban town of the American story, and her own mystery of the causes of suicide layer under the fog hides in still.House MD dvd


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