1982 classic sci-fi "electronic world

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1982 classic sci-fi "electronic world  Empty 1982 classic sci-fi "electronic world

Post by babycanread123 on Wed May 11, 2011 5:14 am

1982 classic sci-fi "electronic world empire," the sequel, inherited the LaoBan science fiction concept and visualncis season dvd elements, and combined with the top CG and 3D technology. Investment of $3 billion, is by far the biggest movie history one of investment. The single is a role the budget will dress is as high asone tree hill box set 13 million dollars, one of the custom drivers price up to suit $60,000. Thedexter on dvd electronic world by advertising empire: the legacy "director Joseph ยท family JinSiJi directed the screenwriter, its previous Steven liss" gill will serve as advisor in production. From BuLiJiSi continues to play starring Jeff in the electronic world in his empire "in character" Kevin Flynn "(LaoBan Flynn), Kevin in plays the title character" Tron "Bruce, also will return to balak klingenberg. In addition to dazzle detonation of the visual signs, "and the impact of ZhanJi the most impressive and its original score. A famous French double electronic band by Daft Punk (stupid Punk) made with electronic music, just the integral atmosphere of the film is a match made in heaven: strong electronic music and film the electronic world dazzle cruel in London, match on IMAX excellent sound effects, let fans as if place oneself discos, cannot not hi. What is worth mentioning, in the film Zeus room playing dish with two DJ Daft Punk modelling, the classic robot modelling similar, I believe that many fans crimianl minds dvd seasonhere will harvest different moved.

Famous computer game development virtuosi Kevin Flynn initiated his latest game in the process of strange missing, years later, his son, 27-year-old technology genius Sam Flynn received long-lost father's mysterious information (is actually the information crewe false preach tricked him into entering the electronic world), according to the information sources, Sam into father closed years of office looking for father missing the truth. He found the father works in a series of chamber of secrets, and computer keyboard operate found himself after the magic by Sam to digital, entered the father create electronic network game world. In this world, all the things and people are "program", Supernatural seasons 1-5Kevin was regarded as a program was forced to attend the vital line, soul-stirring chalking up the game war, also surprised to find father in the electronic network world created a "avatars" - crewe incredibly want toncis season dvd kill him. In a crisis Sam was a suddenly appeared named "kwai pull" female soldiers rescued, and in a concealed domicile met was trapped in electronic network 20 years of his father.one tree hill box set The original Kevin Flynn enough to change in developing the human world in the process of electronic network world created "avatars" crewe crewe betrayed him and control of the electronic network world, sons of anarchy on dvdso that he can't pass back from the human world. Sam insisted that his father and his return to the real world, but together they were dealing with almost omnipotent ", dexter on dvd"and" crewe crewe "tried to pass from the electronic world into the real worldcrimianl minds dvd season and control human beings blockbuster conspiracy, the father and his son and kwai pull together to go home, to stop" crewe "will bring human disaster, painful crisis electronic networks for a long life and death on the world big adventure...


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