The train (train), the human traffic tools. 1804

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The train (train), the human traffic tools. 1804 Empty The train (train), the human traffic tools. 1804

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The train (train), the human traffic tools. 1804, by the British mines technician Delhi with watt steam engine cold case complete seriesjarvis, Cleveland, Lost dvdcreated the world's first steam locomotive, five to six kilometers per hour. Because at that time use coal or wood for fuel, so people called it "train", and is still used today. On February 22 in 1840 by kang watts ear engineer Charlie...simpsons on dvd XiKe designed by terry dimension world first column really on-orbit uplink. 1879, Germany Siemens electrical company has developed the first electric locomotive. In the use of high-definition video material production program, you will enjoy a wide variety of the train. Can certainly let many train large smash. Fans tudors on dvdenjoy Awarded multiple international awards, including the British film institute's most outstanding achievement animation clips and American emmy, etc Thomas small train in the United States in 1989 after the premiere, in Europe and Japan respectivelymad men new season in popularity A can inspire children's imagination and help focus educational children's programsFashionable global sized friends A can inspire children's imagination and help focus educational children'sEntourage sesaons 1-7 programs

With breakthrough animation techniques and special effects, build out like a real downs, and the railway station scene of simulation is extremely high, deeply fan pour locomotive parts different race, age of audience, the more to become an important parent-child Bridges.

High-quality goods true blood box setof the Thomas & friends preschool animation "(Hong Kong) : the locomotive diary/Taiwan translation: Thomas little train, Thomas and friends)

"Thomas & friends" is popular global famous British animation drama, and is the most appropriate education true blood season 3 box seteducational preschool series. In 2009, the Spring Festival "Thomas small train" landed in China TV screens, causing viewing boom

The railway since 1984 series "was adapted for anime episodes premiere in Britain since the Thomas small train," Grey's Anatomy box setdhas been translated into 45 languages in 185 a national broadcasts. A little locomotive carrying education significance story, all the way to accompany children study the interest, healthy growth inspire training to begin to move the brain, how to get along with people, the development of children's health comprehensive thinking! This in foreign cartoon world and "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" eponymous little blue train will lead China's kids go to feel his friends and Disney movies box setwonderful adventure.

Thomas first appeared in a British priest blessed by rick Odysseus in 1945, rick. The railway series "the creation ncis box setstory, this personified blue miniature train and he a group of individual character different friends live in a train called" great "island and grow together with adventure,. Through the small mistake and misunderstanding story thinking, comprehensively "inspire One Tree Hill box settriggered learning interests"; Only your real to participate in something, "training to begin to move the brain" can understand more life common sense; "How to get along with other people?" Look at these locomotive is how to solve the contradiction between eachsons of anarchy box set other collision and now: From Dexter box setthese personality different locomotive friends accompanied by "the development of children in the story the way of thinking" health overall. This is the locomotive "Thomas & friends" meaning!


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