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long time ago, in a faraway big swamp lived a marshes, called the green ogre shrek, lived a life of leisure. One day, he quiet life by several uninvited guests break, they are a little mouse not how good eyes, a big bad Wolf and three homeless piggy, tLost dvdhey escaped from the fairy kingdom, shrek to let them far from their already clean marsh, return oneself, let a talking donkey to lead the way, to the kingdom for the king. At this time, the king is preparing for his throne worried because mirror told him to marry a princess can become king, so he selected a simpsons on dvdtrapped in tower above, have the princess fiona dragon guardian, and prepare selection knight to save the princess. Just shrek gan3, beat all knight, king this to catch shrek, later's beat him at his own game, let shrek to save the princess, the condition is also back to shrek bog place, so he and his ass on the road. Shrek successful rescued princess, but on the way found himself fell in love with the princess fiona, tudors on dvdand princess has also had to shrek feelings, but the princess itself be damned, daytime beautiful appearance, and night will become monsters, so she can't vindicated. But the last true love over appearance, the princess finally and shrek together.

"Shrek" in 2001 for American Hollywood film, famous director Andrew adamson, Alan warner and directed the animation works, production company is for dreamworks. This work adapted from famous children's book writer William ShiTai lattice painted the namesake, the movie is "punchline auteurs mad men new seasonall the classic fairy tales, and subversion of the average person the stereotype of a fairy tale." Dubbing Hollywood actor in a mike miers, John Reese high, eddy ? murphy, Cameron ? diaz. The film won 200006700 million box-office, break through the lion king, become the highest ever animated blockbuster. The record until 2003 "finding nemo" to ncis season dvdbe broken. After the sequel 2, 3, 4 production. Another books, games and derivative works. The film is not only absorbed a classic Disney mode, and get this mode opened an one tree hill box setenormous goodwill joke. Disney sons of anarchy on dvdfilms past can be summarized as "the prince to save the victim, two people fall in love at first sight, finally princess wanted.now" principle. The prince and princess kind-hearted needless to say, the more important is LangJun female appearance. But most of the people in the world, neither star mediocre face, nor athletes, are they only figure with when Cinderella's sister or stepmother?dexter on dvdThe characters in the film with voice made high achievement, especially Eddie murphy, the donkey. In addition, the computer crimianl minds dvd seasontechnology also have breakthrough, make visual authenticity reached unprecedented levels. It was the first Oscar animationSupernatural seasons 1-5 feature-length works.


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