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Post by babycanread123 on Thu May 12, 2011 5:36 am

The story worth millions entrepreneurs, and genius inventors Tony stack (small Robert diggs) to Nebuchadnezzar, ways as the U.S. government's topncis box set weapons contractor ShiShi industry ", "the President of the United States, in decades to protect the proud, he produced the most advanced, the company is the most exclusive weapons, One Tree Hill box setand therefore has a very high reputation in the world. A weapon against tests, Tony and players by thugs hijacked, he actually players it killed, Tony is by shrapnel wounds and heart and dying, forced to obey the mysterious thugs, pizza (method Aaron princes ray of life's diggs) techniques, build a destructive great destruction weapons. Tony hand for ray sasha manufacture weapons, on the one hand, to use their own intelligence to create a set of steel clothes, help him to maintain life, and escape from the clutches of the mob. Through this accident, sons of anarchy box setTony realized that "ShiShi industrial" invent weapons, making many terrible disaster, returned to the United States, he vowed ShiShi industrial "lead" towards new direction, the technology used to benefit more people in need of help. However, he was not in theDexter box set company of his leadership during his right-hand man - was the highest executive than (Jeff Obama brighi adorn), he has to try to fill in the disruption of joash, than Obama in all day in his factory to develop more advanced steel clothes, to ensure beyond human powers to protect his own body. By long-term assistant melon seedling pieces waveCriminal Minds box set this (jack silk piper los adorn) and trustworthy rhode colonel (terrence Howard adorn) help, Tony uncovered an global terrorist attacks on plan. So, he put on the new power granted him a red dress, goldenSupernatural box set steel vowed to protect the world from the threat of the forces of evil.


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