Julie cannes bids "kung fu panda 2" says think and michelle yeoh

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Julie cannes bids "kung fu panda 2" says think and michelle yeoh Empty Julie cannes bids "kung fu panda 2" says think and michelle yeoh

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France around 11:30 a.m. local time, jack black, Angelina jolie, attend to keep "kung fu panda 2" conference to be held in cannes. Julie wore a cream-colored long skirt, smile into the edge and walk while also the reporter wave. Jack is dressed up in a simple T-shirt, a shake a pendulum play to learn, a panda steps it debuted tickled the whole field roar with laughter.
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Because many wars, appeared in the movie scenes, slaying media questioned: violence factors will it cause film not suitable for children watch? To this, jack said there was no weapons, cartoons, wouldn't be called violence. ZhuLiZe says, will not affect the child viewing, some fight scenes, can let children points clear right and wrong, and good man and villains.
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The scene, jack and Julie relaxing, mutual and laughing, jack also on-site hum up singing. Julie smile, the only with the whole is an exception: there is a moment a foreign reporters incredibly asked her how to look at osama bin laden's death, "scared" Julie turn pale face surprised, even a problem unrelated says and film, do not respond.
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Before shooting the second part, director Jennifer who specially more than main, such as investigation to chengdu. Conference, Jennifer, said, with more than China's relevant movie, be sure to take a trip to China, the results obtained many inspiration and details feeling. A reporter asked whether look forward to working with China: Julie which actors? Julie revealed that want to be with michelle yeoh. Jack said he liked to China, is to come, still smile, says: "the man (Soon)." However, conference, reporter to Paramount CEO Jeffrey card cen sulzberger consultation would cast in China, he is yet to make a promotion response, just say clearly in plans. He also said that if "kung fu panda 2" popular blockbusting words, or will be filmed, part 3, "I think a lot of roles didn't play out, the hope can take the third, giving greater play to space."Boston Legal dvd


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