Solicitation "jaws" watch 3D "pirates" (chart)

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 Solicitation "jaws" watch 3D "pirates" (chart) Empty Solicitation "jaws" watch 3D "pirates" (chart)

Post by babycanread123 on Fri May 13, 2011 4:50 am

Smoked outfit pirate captain jack sparrow and will come back! Produced by Disney, starring Johnny Depp of this series of the fourth film pirates of the Caribbean: difficult blame wave "will be on 20" zero "in mainland start, this also is this series for the first time in 3D form, but also in mainland China with global synchronous opened for the first time.ncis dvd

Squad: female pirates mermaid is window

Although lost Orlando bloom, and keira knightley, two heavyweight star lisa bennet is the soul of the movie, but as long as captain jack sparrow played by Johnny Depp remains, film is sufficient to cause the fans' attention. Films, captain jack will again launched a romantic magical adventure, and the purpose of the trip is looking for the legendary fountain of youth.
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4: in "violent blame waves, John Depp plays captain jack was Britain's king George ii seize, to search for the legendary" mandated youth springs ", together with him and his old friend to barbosa captain. This voyage got off on the wrong foot, captain jack again ran into his old deadly card (Penelope cruz), he didn't know what she is really love oneself, or in use their to look for "youth spring". But jack or forced to her two brainboxes, and her father's notorious pirates "black beard" (Ian mike Sean) in together, "revenge" Anna queen launched promising the adventure ill.
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Waste not, want not come, the film adding many fresh blood: hispanics in the film star Penelope cruz plays female pirates, she and deadly card captain jack had a wonderful experience. Ian mike Sean play notorious pirates "black beard," which is the most vile characters. Series
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In addition, the jack journey, will also face a mysterious mermaid and a young and stubborn missionaries. And these new role for films, will join the entire story add many romantic humor colors.

Visual effect: "pirates" the first 3D

With the summer season, another fierce piece "transformers 3" identical, pirates of the Caribbean 4 "is the series of the first shooting 3D technology, becoming the first a digital 3D technology USES dishini the" pirates "films shot. According to understand, the whole film frame, all from my true nature scene, and adopt the live-action performance. But the pirates of the Caribbean 4 ", will with normal version, 3D version, IMAX 3D version boarded a mainland screen, can certainly let the fans to see.
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The our "big movie" column, the mouth and ring arts giant tent theater hand in hand, invited 10 "big" in 18 afternoon the best free ahead of delicious jabuticaba Popsicle IMAX 3D version effect of pirates of the Caribbean 4 ", if you are a Johnny Depp fans, to the film, then hurriedly already longs's email application. (sign up mailbox: the mail attach true name and contact information, call list)
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