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Julie "await"  Kung fu panda Empty Julie "await" Kung fu panda

Post by babycanread123 on Sat May 14, 2011 5:06 am

Although no official competition unit, named "kung fu panda 2" was robbed many contest piece, after three years, thunder "kung fu panda 2" with the more powerful dubbing squad in local time,Dexter dvd
12, held a press conference in cannes film of the voice for the role, Angelina jolie, dustin hoffman and jack black festival appearances.
The creator is happy reunion
In talking about it all these years, and return to oneself in "kung fu panda 2" roles, jack black will this kind of feeling as the "fit to a pair of special wear shoes." And ZhuLiZe reunited for few men can together very happytwo and a half men dvd, "although we spend the time is not long, but we still have more of the role of understanding, and also know each other more, and fierce jiao tiger is my personal one of most proud role." She said.
The short answer, powerful from old best actor dustin hoffman: "at my age, have short-term amnesia, so... everything is new."The Big Bang Theory dvd
What is interesting is mentioned that there are rumours that slice party going to shoot six total kung fu panda, although all of three star add director Jennifer in this matter is not binding, but no one make deny,Grey's Anatomy on dvd
jack black just says he can produce many photos.
ZhuLiWang with Chinese filmmaker cooperation
Gave birth to twins, Angelina jolie in "kung fu panda 2" for "HuNiu" again offer sound, interview also focused on her six different color child: "I never worry they would ask me about their pedigree question," adoption ", "own mother", "orphan 'in our family is happy nouns." She had one eye took "HuNiu", "then I also don't know she is girl or boy," "is the male panda bo, andGilmore Girls dvd
I represent the role just to balance the relationship between Yin and Yang, like."
Said to kung fu panda, and don't mention China, Julie says is looking forward to cooperate with Chinese actors and directors, and thrown to the Chinese filmmakers colorful silk balls: "anyway, I have sessions, always welcome." And in talking about when really can come to China, jack black said a sentence words: "could be faster grappa."
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