Kung fu panda 2" to the Chinese movie premiere Julie cast of silk

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Kung fu panda 2" to the Chinese movie premiere Julie cast of silk Empty Kung fu panda 2" to the Chinese movie premiere Julie cast of silk

Post by babycanread123 on Sat May 14, 2011 5:10 am

After three years, "kung fu panda 2" with the more powerful dubbing squad returned to cannes, not a few lines of Angelina jolie and dustin hoffman and jack black has debuted conference. Julie generous says, are looking forward to cooperate with Chinese filmmaker.
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Expect and Chinese filmmaker cooperation

3 years ago kung fu panda, several screens after big have no chance to voice ZhuLiZe reunited for few men can, reunited together and very happy, "although we spend the time is not long, but we still have more of the role of understanding, and also know each other more, and fierce jiao tiger is my personal one of most proud role."
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Said to kung fu panda without mention China, Julie says is looking forward to cooperate with Chinese actors, directors, she revealed the cooperation with michelle yeoh will be very happy. Always have good to China's Julie said, "anyway, I have sessions, always welcome."
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Many of the film the link, media wushu questioned a little publicity violence, "the movie doesn't really violence, the fight to protect Chinese kung fu is necessary, this also is in protecting China culture."Cold Case dvd Angelina jolie said, "even the last duel, defeat the aggressive of heart, violence and war weapons, is actually heart's desire for peace and the suppression of negative energy."
Julie let children are learning wushu
Julie was a crazy mother, his adopted children born of a total of six, she by the movie's confidence comes from the laughter of children. "My children watching the movies are very happy, ask me about the treasure life's problems, and adopt the topic such in my family is filled with joy, so for me to explain these completely easy."
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Julie son are currently in the boxing, she says martial arts allows them to spirit, thoughts and body benefit. "The boys born some exuberant energy, so let them stay is good choice. They can extract exercise self-control, learn to respect,Supernatural seasons 1-5 and more freely control their own body." Jolie said, "martial arts can help children establish some consciousness, help them to distinguish what is a positive thing, how people are good, and your fight exactly why."Criminal Minds dvd


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