Nigeria shaman marry 107 wife born 185 a child

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Nigeria shaman marry 107 wife born 185 a child Empty Nigeria shaman marry 107 wife born 185 a child

Post by babycanread123 on Sat May 14, 2011 5:11 am

For most modern speaking, a wife was enough. But Nigeria a shaman married 107 wife, gave birth to 185 a kid!how I met your mother dvd

According to the Los Angeles times reported, 87th horse sabah have got a more than 5000 people family, he says, he married his wife, the most important quality is obedient.
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The horse sabah said, the 1970s on, he received god's revelation, tell him to become a witch doctor, and marry a lot of his wife.Mad Men DVD
The horse sabah says, in each time before his wife will receive god's revelation, if not for god in this life, he can only marry two wife just.

The horse is Niger states (sabah state) than amounting to Niger the shaman. Bida) ( In the late 1980s, he had an obvious economic situation began to prosper,the tudors dvd he held by every few months later a wedding ceremony, held once every few weeks wedding. Until finally married 107 wife, at present there are nine wife died, and another 12 because "not obedient" and divorce.

Reports say, horse sabah had 185 a child, increasing of quantity, the smallest only 1 months old, including 133 are still alive. He has 5,000 members, including many members of the family live in him the house perch.

Feed his family, a day of 3 big bag to consume large quantities of rice, meat and vegetables. However, to the people attending the pay considerable cost also made him very rich.

107 wife in Nigeria, and the number of local polygamy in the traditional society seemed some of "too".Entourage dvd

Authorities in Niger to Islam is the major religions in horses wife behavior of sabah expressed dissatisfaction. Three years ago, the state authorities ordered the horse sabah and 82 of the wife divorce, maintain four wives - Muslim scholars generally agree, in every wife get equal treatment, the Koran allow men under most also have four wives. The horse sabah refused, islamic law (Sharia courts ordered him to leave town.true blood dvd
In September 2008, police raided the horse sabah houses. He was grasp to go to jail.
In prison, his many wife (including 11 pregnant) launched demonstrations, demanding authorities to release him. Finally, a group of civil rights lawyer rescue horse sabah, gained him bailDisney movies dvd


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