Bat-winged drone bomber in tes

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Bat-winged drone bomber in tes Empty Bat-winged drone bomber in tes

Post by babycanread123 on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:30 am

A robotic, bat-winged bomber designed to take off from a US aircraft carrier has passed its first test in a debut flight in California, the US Navy said.
The X-47B jet, which looks like a smaller version of the B-2 stealth bomber, stayed in the air for 29true blood dvd minutes and climbed to 5,000 feet in a test flight on Friday at Edwards Air Force Base, according to the Navy and defense true blood on dvd contractor Northrop Grumman.
Military leaders see the plane as part of a new generation of drones that would be able to evade radar and fly at much faster speeds than the current fleet of propeller-driven Predators and Reapers used in the war in Afghanistan.
"Today we got a glimpse towards the future as the cheap dvdNavy?s first-ever tailless, jet-powered unmanned aircraft took to the skies," Captain Jaime Engdahl, a program manager for the warplane, said in a statement.
Northrop is building the navy bomber under a $636million contract awarded in 2007.
With no pilot on board, the experimental dvd storeaircraft was operated by a joint Navy and Northrop team on the ground.
The plane "flew a racetrack pattern The Big Bang Theory dvdover the dry lakebed with standard-rate turns," the Navy said.
It will be years before the X-47B joins the naval air fleet, with the first tests on a carrier scheduled for 2013, Northrop said in a release.
A former B-2 stealth bomber engineer guilty of selling classified military technology to China that could help cloak missiles How I Met Your Mother dvdhas been sentenced to 32 years in prison, the US Justice Department said Tuesday.
Noshir Gowadia, 66, of Hawaii, was The Big Bang Theoryconvicted of five offenses in August following How I Met Your Mothera trial in federal court on the US island state. He had been accused of passing on design information that would allow cruise missiles to avoid infra-red detection.
At the time of his arrest in 2005 he had been paid at least $110,000 by China, the Justice Department said.
Gowadia was also convicted of star trek voyager dvdexporting classified information about the B-2 bomber, money laundering, and filing false tax returns. Upon first learning of the sentence in Hawaii, Gowadia's son said the family would appeal.
We believe very strongly that he's innocent, and we very much look forward to the appeals process in the 9th circuit, son Ashton said Monday on Hawaii broadcaster KHON2.
Gowadia is the second AmericanGilmore Girls dvd in four days to be sentenced on charges related to disclosing classified information to authorities in Communist-ruled ChinaMichigan man Glenn Shriver, 28, was jailed for 48 months for conspiracy to reveal national defense information to Beijing intelligence agents.
That sentencing came on the final day of a much-scrutinized state visit dvd box setby Chinese President Hu Jintao.


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