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"American idol" become the golden time viewing overlords Empty "American idol" become the golden time viewing overlords

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FOX's "American idol" and ABC's "dancing with the stars, the two program occupy the list's top four seats. Although two program ratings, but from similar list times ratings data on look, "American idol" occupy absolute advantage. Last week is the beauty of six of seven into dipole game, fierce competition also spawned a hot momentum achievements, game ratings program and results show that more than two hundred million ratings all announced before winning viewing list easily two. And star dance "can only feel powerless and frustrated came third, fourth two seats. In addition, the CBS "survivor: redemption island" once a week began to move higher ratings gradually career-best, last week by winning eleven hundred million search tenth. The Simpsons dvd
Show programs, top 10 of the remaining five seats are all crime drama and the navy occupation: CBS DiaoZhaChu "again, however it pushes had episodes of derivative drama" Los Angeles "viewing the eighth grades slipped only column. "Re-copy it cold rice" version of "Hawaii" ratings soared, Interpol last week with 1140 million ranked sixth in the list. ABC's the card "gesture, ranked seventh also good grades. Anyhow last week a comedy show no rankings again, behind before ten most of the "modern family" ABC ratings have not broken 10 million (9.8 million) only listed list 15th place. Average ratings, CBS with its superior crime drama -- 8.5 million, ahead of the came in second with "beauty is the card, which occasionally, and FOX scores with ABC is's 8.2 million 7.7 million achievement came in third with NBC achievement only 4.9 million row in the fourth.the tudors dvd
"American idol" dominating the list's top two star ratings to dance of the companies abroad
This week's viewing from the list of that, it is to want to win must take out a good reality show and crime drama, TV must cater to American audience appetite. And FOX just both, reality show "American Idol" as American Idol) is (the viewing miracle, crime drama "(general bone tracking Bones) also been fans adored. Last week, lucky 7 strong performs theme is "the 21st century", select the songs range comparison wide, not for them to challenge. But to tell the truth, the judges seat since Simon left in the accidentally overheard criticisms is less, a week before the first out how male athletes, last week? First appearance is Jacob · pulling the sandhust (Jacob Lust), insipid blues bland performance, oh there some missing words... Kerry, Ed cox Scotty rick (McCreery: mike, he played the second the fans very solid, although by batch song too safe to estimate he also won't be pass. That night the underperforming players more? The sandhust method, Lange's Langone), (Stefano is one of them, in fact, the boy should be votes off - the scandal DUI. Crime type of face, do not know which point fans like him. And this guy, and each song singing generally haven't what own great characteristic, the singing of also can, but very dangerous. That night the biggest bright spot this calculate James doberman (James Durbin), James can control, is really a very good his display, lovely strains the drummer's move sufficient brains, but because of this, the stage is gone. He asked the audience, "I'm on the judges proclaim here, I'm James." Really a star snowboarding progresses. In the 21st century, really this a bit period flavor, unfortunately the players is too "safe". Wednesday's game show, but still lack though wonderful for FOX won 2254 million viewing grades. Thursday's time to results, announced the seven strong player chorus Hey, there is a "Glee" Sisiter "the feeling. Surprise is that night the organizers also invited a Billboard all-time list, Itunes queen Katie perry, of course she is to sing for everyone "E.T.". Beauty I can always invited heavyweight star, doug's William, small days rihanna, still have the Kitty, refuse to no. Katie arrival of course with ratings of ascension that Thursday's results were announced program (2032 million) beat the star dance "Monday's game show (2010 million) in the second row dominates. James · pulling the sandhust and sandhust method, is that night, Lange's vote, the lowest two players this season, become the final Lange seventh of beauty accidentally. So far the beauty I "top six is Kathy Abrams Abrams (Casey), James doberman (James, Durbin), Ed cox rick (Scotty McCreery: mike kerry), Jacob, Jacob, Russ (Lust).Mad Men DVD
Halle renee hart (Haley Reinhart) and "Lauren o lina (Lauren showed Alaina).
Although this reality shows do like a raging fire, but the other side of the FOX musical joy chorus "ratings have been falling, last week's achievement is only 980 million, ranking in the search # 16. But fortunately, has already been on the eighth season to general bone tracking "had a good ratings in the first 11 Turkish moslems million row, the average rating for FOX has pushed a. But just 18 to 49 years old, FOX is for an audience of artists, so the TV ratings boss of advertising is the best selling.
The deceased's card "instead of" housewives "ABC flagship drama become
ABC recent ratings momentum is still good, although star dance "didn't invite to Chris brown, but the reality show viewing top grades last week, still scored for ABC third and fourth two seats. In addition, ABC has crime drama; Although make crime drama this station is not good at, but it is good at analysis woman, good at medical drama, so the Body of the deceased certificate "(Proof) it is of the crime drama of ABC characteristics. By "desperate housewife by" to Dana Delany, Dana DeLaNi (holding red and then for) single drive a show for her ABC show add fresh blood, this is what the TV and done. But the fact that the show by Dana lead by fans loved levels have exceeded the housewife "and"'s "grey". On April 19, ABC broadcast of the deceased first quarter certificate in the fifth set called "Dead Man Walking", a Man's face panic and had run in the lane and then died. Megan check out to the autopsy the deceased eaten cheese steak, will be food poisoning? Further dissection found that the deceased had previously because the bladder enlargement, and surgery had surgery in Megan original hospital is. Anatomy, Megan also found dead in the abdominal cavity is blood, maybe not the thief took his life but surgery doctor? Megan had to go back to the original hospital and handsome not dealing with the physician to gather evidence, but this wasn't she is good at... This crime drama is very popular among fans love, in a drama program extremely competitive on Tuesday, scored 1137 million in the search results, row of the seventh.Entourage dvd
The CBS "navy DiaoZhaChu", "Hawaii" become show programs of policemen ratings ace
Average ratings king also counts CBS, the television reality shows although it is difficult to enter first five, but with no program production are very fine plus the crime drama at popularity powder, CBS spring has been open season comprehensive popular leaders. In addition to "show program last week DiaoZhaChu" the outside "in the navy, CBS reversioning drama" Hawaii "(Interpol Hawaii Five - 0) viewing result also good, two program were ranked fifth and sixth in the search, but also two seats on the first two episodes programs.Disney movies dvd
Aired April 19, CBS "Hawaii Interpol in the first quarter of 21 sets Ho 'called" opa' I ", the New York police department's undercover police Reggie Cole is taking your time to Hawaii and his family reunion, of course, when his undercover work protection boss Cannon is not yet complete. But unfortunately he and his family is in trouble... Hawaii's enchanting scenery, the exciting crime drama with this show, so fans also very buy it, last week of the Hawaiian Interpol had 1144 million viewing grades.true blood dvd


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