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Japan survey barbecue shop food poisoning Empty Japan survey barbecue shop food poisoning

Post by babycanread123 on Wed May 11, 2011 5:31 am

Japan's "food f wo" company 10 said, by meat supplier "misleading", its "hui" more than long-lived barbecue restaurant chain without clean to provide the raw processing products, thus cause dozens of food poisoning.ncis on dvd,ncis season dvd

The Labour ministry, said the same day to implement new food safety penalties to urged food suppliers and restaurant strengthening health standards, guarantee food security.
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Since April, successively four people since hui than life in death after a dinner barbecue restaurant chain, including at least two boys, otherwise people appear food poisoning symptoms.
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Poisoning source called "born a suspected of food. Stir beef Investigators 9 found that raw beef from meat suppliers may "Canon and house" April 12 processing, 15 April delivery food f leavenworth.
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A reluctant to publicly name food f hepworth senior administrative personnel 10 told kyodo news agency reporter, according to food f hepworth previously internal rules, its restaurant must clean processed meat, to remove surface bacteria.

However, meat supplier "Canon and house" in May 2009 to food f hepworth sent an E-mail, says its supply of meat products processing, can already accept a clean raw food parts of "about 100%," and said it would send afterlife beef sample. At the time, Canon and house is not food f hepworth suppliers.Criminal Minds dvd

Food f hepworth then began from Canon and house purchasing meat, July 2009 internal rules, stop to modify the cleanness of meat products processing operations and bacteria inspection.

"We think meat by Canon and house has clean processing," the company, "says supervisors that from which we raw food), (: no problem."Supernatural seasons 1-5

This name food f hepworth senior management personnel admit, food blessing of food safety leavenworth expressed "lax" attitude, "for food safety, we too negligence".

Food f hepworth headquarters is located in business 20, ishikawa prefecture deming barbecue chain stores. Canon and house headquartered in Tokyo, from thirty-nine-year-old tetsunori nanpei told two market purchase beef.

Canon and house denied "misleading" food f leavenworth. This meat vendor told Tokyo health department, no clean processing supplied meat raw food, not.Cold Case dvd

The police are around the E-mail investigating, 10 questioned the Canon and house President.

According to the Labour ministry promulgated by the 1998 hygiene standards, raw surfaces to polluted raw food, and if necessary, must clean processing, in case of food poisoning.

However, this standard does not have legal effectiveness, also didn't explain the violation shall be imposed by after penalty.how I met your mother dvd

The niid 10 said, from October to the earliest began implementing new food safety punishment measures to urged food suppliers and restaurants to strengthen health standards.

The Labour ministry said, the standards of hygiene in violation of meat supplier or hotel, punishment measures will include suspensions, 200 million dollar fine or sentenced to two years in prison highest the relevant responsible persons.The Simpsons dvd


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