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The providers of American TV gamani cry Empty The providers of American TV gamani cry

Post by babycanread123 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:23 pm

To tell you the truth, first heard the "stage of gamani proiders, think again is that doctors how good TV series, results and looked at the start, was not immediately brake car.
Desperate Housewives season dvd
33 comprehensive medical drama "healers who currently CCTV gamani" eight sets of prime-time broadcast. For "domestic first medical drama" such title, broadcast many viewers said "before, but not a cold" stop. But then seen YouYong, XieJunHao, PanHong by ChenJin, XieGang etc, consisting of "intellectual dream team", for the first time on the screen shows the advantage of contemporary medical workers professional life, positive sings the plight of Chinese medical industry with pressure, the story compact, rhythm and lively, with many viewers say American TV rival.
WuJing - this news reporterGossip Girl Season dvd
The plot is compact, Campbell and beauty play rival
The story gamani the doctor at a hospital, a group of full of ideals and dedicated how doctors struggle in between the ideal and the reality, and finally find the balance and conflict, to rediscover hippocratic oath with responsibility for noble, found "healers who the professional beliefs gamani. "To tell you the truth, first heard the" stage of gamani proiders, think again is that doctors how good TV series, results and looked at the start, not immediately brake car." TV audience looks not good-looking, most say. In addition to the first set of li of zhengzhou audience begin didn't see entire, is almost no one see now, have seen before landing the internship gray ", "white towers on medical drama of she, think of the healers who can completely and beauty gamani drama rival.CSI New York season 6 dvd
And the audience SunShan also evaluation: "is a bit similar" d dragon "style, but completely consistent with China's national conditions." She said, the doctor-patient relationship too complicated. Meanwhile, the hospital "intellectual cluster" place hidden intrigues, competing in the providers, also there are many reflect gamani "cardiac surgeon, like ZhongLiHang came to the hospital after the ChenGuangYuan by wang dong, jealousy and crowd out, that kind of complex, subtle interpersonal relationship, also exquisite display. Such circumstances let the audience has "eye-opening of feeling."
The story is compact, not procrastination linked together, very attractive... This is many viewers what they thought of it. And writers XuMeng has said work "healers who looked at before gamani" prison break etc, American play its rhythm, make the healers who show CCTV gamani "screen rare commercial play style.CSI: Miami on dvd
Actor, forming a charming gas by spectrum
Operating rooms nervous, from another Angle reflects medical workers under huge pressure of work. Like twenty large surgery ceramic zhengzhou gold said, the surgeon inherit psychological pressure is very large, even seasoned experts, meet major surgery because too much pressure to need to rely on sleeping pills to sleep, or smoking to ease mood.CSI: Miami seaon 8 dvd
"Medicine is still limited, the doctors and patients are one, to confront the human disease." This is also writers want to tell everyone how words, then deduce such complicated emotions, the actors select critical. But the dozen sets from the current view, broadcast YouYong, XieJunHao, PanHong, ChenJin etc excellent actress in the providers of gamani composition "dream team" intellectuals, very rely on chart.CSI Las Vegas on dvd
ZhengDa YiFuYuan heart, deputy director of Joe chenhui think upon the surgeon not only a elegant temperament, rescue the calm, professional when the patient and still have decisive, can character. And after YouYong etc were clad in white natural reveals tension, careful, persistence characteristics, all the actors formed a charming flow of qi. The ChenJin play JiangYiDan body that shares the loftiness, conceit is the XieJunHao play ZhongLiHang, leading role, the sort of years, very wit gas, the feeling of a doctor.CSI Las Vegas dvd
"Plays the doctor is not easy, the key is to have the strands of difficulty, possession is several actors collective qualified, no inside mix of, it is very not easy." And the audience to the actors in the most direct feelings is like or don't like, many engaged in medical professional audiences are considered, YouYong XieJunHao, PanHong, ChenJin, XieGang too like a real, the doctor.Brothers & Sisters dvd
Of course, this and large from the hospital "experts actor" also have particular concern, such as YouYong surgery drama, all field instruments put, medical personnel allocation, etc, should the special issues by these "experts actor" solution ahead.
Love hate interweave, emotional play very realistic
In addition to the display of the doctor-patient relationship, doctors emotional problems also spread around the hospital life, very let people eloquence mixed feelings.Dexter dvd
For example, attentive audience found, "the white world" in love, rarely cross-border, basic it in the hospital this inner circle. Male doctor's love object not other families of the female doctor is female nurses. And the three generations of their culture, emotional problems involved are the characters object to their colleagues and students. For example, the DingZu, dean of the medical director at and strict ruyi after divorce,The Pacific on dvd DingZu hope took a doctor ShenRong months. Middle-aged generation, vice President WuMingXun and anesthesiologists colleague, is also JiangYiDan is both classmates couple. And the young, DingHai are chasing his beloved girl LuoXueYing, they are both medical school classmate, also RenHua hospital colleagues. "The situation is very common." A provincial people's hospital executives told reporters that a lot of the doctor's emotional life is narrow "circle marriage". For example, in their hospital a chief physician ICU nurses; wife was a Neurosurgery a chief physician wife is hospital administration department personnel; Neurosurgery a deputy chief physician wife is surgical nurse.Boston Legal dvd
The reason, she said, the hospital is a relative analysis, medical staff of the environment that close contact less, plus too busy working with social contact, not much, but doctor and a team of professional requirements, interdependence and cooperation degree is higher, with more medical care, it's easy to create feelings.Saw movies collection
They had all the rage
American drama story of emergency room
"" er," story of value not only lies in its maximum realism, more in it heralds the American medical drama double P mode, namely the professional + humanity. Film by best-selling author Michael Clayton creation and producer of the show, because the author himself has when intern experience, so has the distinctive style - accurate medical knowledge and strong theatrical blunt.Clint Eastwood movies collection


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